Residential Housekeeping

Calgary Clean Ltd. provides all kinds of residential cleaning services for wherever you call “home.”  Whether it is a house, apartment, or condo, we will clean your living space to spotless perfection.  Our staff and products are pet and child friendly. Our trained cleaners are thorough and will tackle the largest problems, and the tiniest details with great attention. Our goal is to make your home sparkle!

We take pride in having professional, reliable staff who are insured and bonded.  Because our pricing is competitive, we make it possible for you to have a clean, beautiful home for an affordable rate. Whether you are getting ready for a party, or house guests, or you need your home deep cleaned, or tidied up after your guests are gone, Calgary Clean Ltd. will clean your living space so you can relax. Just leave it to us.

Our focus is on exceeding your expectations.  Here is how we do this. Each one of our cleaners completes and signs our certified checklist after each cleaning. Our checklist system ensures that all the cleaning tasks you requested have been performed, and performed well.  If you have special requests for very specific jobs, those notes will also appear on the checklist job order for our cleaner.  Our promise is to provide the thorough cleaning experience you want, and we guarantee our techniques will give you the spotless home you deserve.

With Calgary Clean Ltd., your home cleaning is in good hands.

Commercial Cleaning

Calgary Clean Ltd. provides a full range of professional janitorial services and workplace cleaning. We know that your staff are happier and more productive when they are working in a clean environment. We provide all forms of daily or weekly office cleaning, janitorial services, and cleaning of large commercial spaces. Our clients include offices, condo buildings, recreation centres, and shopping malls.

Using a customized janitorial pricing plan, we can provide you with contract office or commercial cleaning services tailored to your needs.  All our daily office cleaning and janitorial services are done for competitive janitorial rates, and to professional quality standards.

At Calgary Clean Ltd., we have a range of regular clients across many businesses and industries who know that we live up to our name.  When you sign a contract for commercial cleaning services with us, you can trust that our professional and meticulous staff will provide you with the very best results.

For information about our janitorial rates and a complete list of the Calgary contract commercial and office cleaning services we offer, call or email us today!

Specialty Cleaning Services


Moving is stressful. Whether you are moving in, or moving out, cleaning is the last thing you want to do after all the packing is done. If you are a renter, landlord or a homeowner, you know the cleaning is necessary, but it comes when you are out of the time, energy and patience needed to do it well.  Once your home, apartment, or condo is empty, let us take care of cleaning your entire home, including the insides of appliances. We will clean in places you won’t even think of, and we will do it professionally.

Because Calgary Clean Ltd. performs at least 100 move in & move out cleaning projects per month, we are experts in the field. We can include carpet cleaning and window cleaning as well.  Fill out our online request form, give us a phone call or book online.


Wishing to get top dollar for your present home? Insure that everything is clean, tidy and odour-free for all those open houses. Calgary Clean Ltd. insures every surface is clean and dust free, even the hot water tank and furnace. We also sweep out the garage and shovel the snow in anticipation for your photo shoot or prospective buyers. Whether it is a house, apartment, or condo, we will clean your home to spotless perfection.

RENTALS: Houses, Condos, Short Term Rentals and Executive Rentals

If your rental property could use some improvements and sprucing up, our team is on hand to help. At Calgary Clean Ltd., we offer a wide range of services to the rental market in Calgary. Make your rental property a more comfortable and attractive place to live with quality cleaning services from Calgary Clean Ltd.

Calgary Clean Ltd. can provide move in/move out cleaning services to insure your property shows to its best advantage. We even clean those places you don’t even think about: utility rooms, laundry appliances, and the parking space. We even clean the front door and the mailbox!

Executive Rentals may want their tenants to be taken care of during their stay and we provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning. While in the unit, we inspect for damage, equipment failures and other issues that can be easily repaired before costly replacements are required.


Calgary Clean Ltd. offers complete window cleaning services in Calgary.  We offer both residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning.  Our professional team of window cleaning experts can clean any window regardless of location or space and size.  We can customize a window cleaning package for you whether you need your interior windows cleaned, your exterior windows cleaned, or both.  For residential window cleaning, we will arrive with our crew and will clean the exterior windows and frames completely and, if requested, we will clean the interiors as well.  We clean up after ourselves and take special care not to damage any property or vegetation.  We provide spring maintenance window cleaning to both large and small condo buildings, and we are hired by many property management companies for these services.


When you need high-quality workmanship from a reputable cleaning service provider, you can count on Calgary Clean Ltd. for help with projects in Calgary and surrounding areas. We’re a locally owned and operated business that takes a personal approach with every client. Builders, developers and contractors count on Calgary Clean Ltd. for our quality and reliable construction and post construction cleaning service.

Even before the dust settles, we are there to help with any construction cleaning needs. Dust removal before painting, garbage removal, pressure washing, or anything else you may need, we are there to get the job done. You can trust us to bring out the brilliance and shine in your new building project. Let us transform your construction site into the clean and beautiful masterpiece you created.

We understand the urgency to have the site ready for occupancy once the construction crews are done. Because we know what gets left behind by crews, we come prepared to have the site ready in the least amount of time. Our professional cleaners pay close attention to detail and take care of items that others might miss. You can relax knowing that our professional cleaning service will turn your construction site into a welcoming home or business.


Calgary Clean Ltd., offers full deep “spring cleaning” services.   Whether it is spring or any other time of year, if you need to give your home a full residential cleaning once over then book our deep cleaning service / deep spring cleaning services.  Your home will be cleaned top to bottom according to our check list.  We will cover all of the standard cleaning items as well as clean the insides of all of your appliances, dust your fixtures, and clean your window frames and baseboards.  We assure you that after we perform our deep cleaning services or deep spring cleaning services, your home will look amazing.

Most of our deep cleaning services clients see the value in having a professional residential cleaning service care for their home. They often hire us for regular residential maintenance cleaning.  These maintenance cleans are what we call a “basic clean” and are commonly performed on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis.  Most people are busy and many couples both work full time.  Let us clean your home for you while you are at work so you can come home to a clean and blissful space.


At Calgary Clean Ltd., we know that every carpet cleaning situation is unique. That’s why we begin our carpet cleaning service with a complete analysis of your carpet, noting stains and any heavily-soiled or high-traffic areas. Then our cleaning specialists remove stains, and use our highly-effective, hot-water extraction method to remove ground-in dirt and debris that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

Our carpet cleaning service is quick, convenient and hassle-free. Your home or business is back to normal in a flash. We even return the furniture to its original position. It’s one more reason Calgary Clean’s carpet cleaning service sets the standard in high-quality carpet care.


Calgary Clean Ltd. provides complete floor care services.  We are experts in tackling any commercial floors that need to be stripped, sealed and waxed.  Our professional services use only the highest quality stripper, wax, auto scrubbers, swing machines, wax mops and equipment. This complete approach allows us to be industry leaders in floor care.  We are able to provide services of strip, seal and waxing to VCT tiles in businesses, stores, malls, hospitals, gyms and recreation centers, basically any location with VCT tile.  We are also pros at servicing marble, granite, laminate and any other hard surface that needs professional care.

The floors in your business are often the impression your clients and guests will see.  Let us care for your floors.  We use the best floor stripping chemicals and equipment to strip the existing wax dirt and grime off your floors. We will use a swing machine to fully strip and prep the floor. Then we will apply the desired amount of high quality wax and use the swing machine to burnish your floors to the perfect shine.  Most of our clients that have used our strip seal and wax services also set up “regular care services” as well.  We can schedule to auto scrub and burnish your floors weekly, and we can auto scrub and wax your floors for you quarterly or semi-annually to keep them looking their best.