Eagle Canada, Inc.

We at Eagle just wanted to thank you for the great job your cleaning staff does for us.  They are always courteous and eager to please.  They are careful with our equipment and everything shines when we arrive on Monday morning.  A delightful way to start our week!


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Fleet Safety International

We have been using Calgary Clean Ltd. since the first of May and are very happy that we moved to this company for our cleaning services.  When you walk into our office you can see that it was just cleaned.   The floors and bathrooms look good, areas including high spots are dusted and desks are wiped clean.  The have been doing an excellent job.  Thanks for the great service.

Thank you.

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City Wide Radiator

If you are looking for a CLEAN work environment for employees then you want Calgary Clean on the job. For years our office was being cleaned; however we really did not know what clean was until we hired Calgary Clean.

Mary and her team of processional cleaners get the best job done every time. They don’t only clean what you see right away, they clean in and behind everything. From your carpets\floors to the top of all your cabinets, you will see the difference Mary’s team makes. Washroom and Lunchrooms are very hard areas to keep clean, with all the different people using them on a daily basis. Since Calgary Clean has been working for us this area seems to stay a lot cleaner than they have ever been before. They are not only cleaner, they are fresher and far more organized.

If you need a change in the way your office is being cleaned or not cleaned then give Mary a call at Calgary Clean.

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Shari in Calgary said

Professional and good job

Deneen in Calgary said

They were friendly and efficient!

James in Calgary said

Great job


Bineeta in Calgary said

Excellent job. Would definitely recommend this Company.

Denise in Calgary said

They did a really nice job. Thank-you

Tamara in Calgary said

Cleaners were very friendly. No complaints on the cleaning as well. I was very impressed

Ann in Calgary said

Very good work. Very pleasant and professional. Thank you!

Sarah in Calgary said

We booked Calgary Clean Cleaning Service  and were absolutely impressed by the quality of the work. They even cleaned the ceiling fans in our bathrooms! Highly recommend.

Erin in Calgary said

The 4 ladies that arrived to clean were on time, friendly and professional. They asked for a tour and what I would like them to focus on. Our house is usually quite clean, but it was really nice to have a crew come in and take it to the next level. Overall I was more impressed with their service than cleaners I have tried in the past, and will likely use them for “one time cleans” in the future!

Jane in Calgary said

Excellent service


Keri in Calgary said

So happy with my service. The amount they got done exceeded my expectations and left personal touches that made my day.

Condo Cleaning in Calgary said

Amazing cleaners! I hired Calgary Clean to clean my townhouse condo in preparation for possession by the new owners. Not being a professional cleaner myself, I wasn’t sure exactly what was needed, so I just showed the three ladies around and then stood back while they got on with job.

From the very start, I became impressed, first with the organization and cooperation amongst themselves as they divided up the work and secondly with the attention to detail that I observed. For instance, they removed all of the fan covers in the bathrooms and cleaned not only the fan covers, but cleaned all inside the fans.

Another example was the pulling out of the fridge and stove and a complete cleaning inside, outside and behind, including a dismantling of the fridge trays and shelves. Yet another example was a thorough cleaning above the kitchen cabinets (boy, was this needed!).

As you’d expect, the cleaning involved all of the standard things such as vacuuming, bathrooms, washing walls and doors, etc., however, these folks demonstrated a truly amazing professionalism and that they have set a high standard for themselves, again best explained with an example. This condo has a vaulted ceiling, and early on in the cleaning they called on a supervisor to bring over an extended ladder so as to be able to reach the fan and upper windows. I’m quite sure many companies would have just said that these were beyond reach and left it at that. I could go on, but suffice to say that I was truly pleased with the work.

In total the cleaning took around five hours and these ladies worked very hard the whole time. Some may think $110 to $120 per hour expensive. Not me, I was absolutely thrilled with the results and proud to be able to turn over the property to the new owners in such an outstanding condition. This is a case of you get what you pay for and these people are worth every penny.